xhamster, xhamster, xhamster, xhamster, xhamster, xhamster. I am Tony Clark, born and raised in Dallas, TX. A�I am the oldest of two children raised by a single mother. A�My family moved around a bit during my early childhood so I attended several schools growing up. A� We were more settled by the time IA�started middle school. A�I graduated from Mesquite High School where I participated in various extra curricular activities. A�I was apart of student leadership and served as an officer of both the student council and my sophomore class. A�I was also in my high school marching band. A�This was the most enjoyable extracurricular activity I participated in.

I amA�a stickler for logistics. A�I realized at a young age that I was detail oriented. A�I like to see order in all things.A�Being the oldest child helped me to develop leadership skills. A�I found that my younger sister modeled my behavior because she looked up to me. A�I had to be cognizant of my actions and set a positive example since everything that I did would be emulated.

Being that I have an administrative disposition, I decided to pursue a business degree. A�I am open to opportunities that will utilize my current background and skills, while expanding my knowledge and abilities in other areas.A�I am a self-motivated team player with strong analytical and communication skills, committed to excellence.A� I am loyal and flexible; possessing the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the environment.